Arlington, Texas

2020 Chevrolet Suburban

One Plastix Plus Console with Equipment Brackets, Arm Rests, and Storage Box

One Whelen Liberty Lightbar Package with 295SLSA6 Siren Amplifier and Switchbox and SA315P Speaker with Bracket

One Push Bumper for Equipment Mounting

Two Whelen M4D Red / White split front warning lights

Two Whelen M4RC Red front Intersector warning lights

Four Whelen IONSMR LED Red mounted side lower warning lights, Two Driver and Two Passenger side

Four Whelen IONR LED Red side rear window warning lights, Two Driver and Two Passenger side

Two Whelen IONR LED Red warning lights mounted in tailgate

Four Whelen IONR LED upper rear warning lights, Two Blue and Two Red

Two Whelen M4K Red/Amber lights mounted for lower rear warning lights

Two PELCC LED Interior Lighting

One Kussmaul LPC20 Battery Charger with Super Auto Eject and Bar Graph Display

One Whelen Back Up Alarm.

Arlington Fire Department Graphics Package

One Custom Poly Cabinet in Cargo area per Arlington Fire Department Specifications

Weathertech 1ST and 2nd Row floor mats

One Opticom 794H Emitter mounted at front bumper

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