Arlington, Texas

2020 Chevrolet Suburban

  • One Plastix Plus Console with Equipment Brackets, Arm Rests, and Storage Box
  • One Whelen Liberty Lightbar Package
  • One 295SLSA6 Siren Amplifier and Switchbox
  • One SA315P Speaker with Bracket
  • One Push Bumper for Equipment Mounting
  • Two Whelen M4D Red / White split front warning lights
  • Two Whelen M4RC Red front Intersector warning lights
  • Four Whelen TIONR LED Red mounted side lower warning lights, Two Driver and Two Passenger side with RBKT1 bracket
  • Four Whelen IONR LED Red side rear window warning lights, Two Driver and Two Passenger side
  • Two Whelen IONR LED Red warning lights mounted in tailgate
  • Four Whelen IONR LED upper rear warning lights, Two Blue and Two Red
  • Two Whelen M4K Red/Amber lights mounted for lower rear warning lights
  • Two PELCC LED Interior Lighting
  • One Kussmaul LPC20 Battery Charger with Super Auto Eject and Bar Graph Display
  • One Whelen Back Up Alarm.
  • Arlington Fire Department Graphics Package
  • Weathertech 1ST and 2nd Row floor mats
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