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  • Install 112” x 88” ranch style black flatbed with reinforced hitch and LED stop tail turn lights and back up lights
  • Install one 12”T x 44”W x 44”L aluminum tool basket on top of water tank
  • Install fold out step at rear of truck

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  • Two Whelen WIONR LED red warning lights at front bumper
  • Two Whelen WIONR LED red warning lights on driver side of body
  • Two Whelen WIONR LED red warning lights on passenger side of body
  • Two Whelen WIONR LED red warning lights on rear of body

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  • 300 Gallon Water tank with 10 gallon Integral Foam Cell
  • Tank 28”H X 46”W x 60”L with 30”L Pump Platform
  • Hale HPX200-B18 with 18 HP B&S Vanguard V-Twin Gasoline Engine
  • All valves to be Quarter Turn Brass Water Service
  • Stainless Steel Block Discharge manifold and plumbing
  • One 2.5” Tank to Pump Valve
  • One 2.5” Suction valve with chrome female swivel adapter, plug & chain
  • One 1.5” Discharge Valve with Chrome Adapter, Cap & Chain
  • One 1” Discharge Valve to connect existing bumper plumbing (BLUE HOSE)
  • One 1” Discharge with swivel mounted at front of skid on driver side for whip line
  • One 1” Tank Fill / Re-Circulate Valve
  • One 1” Hose Reel Valve
  • Lighted Control Panel with Throttle, Master Switch, start button, choke control, low oil pressure light, hose reel rewind button, 2.5” 0-400 PSI discharge gauge, and Class 1 LED Water Tank Level Gauge
  • Cascade “Foam Flo” around the pump class “A” foam system
  • Plumb pump engine to chassis fuel tank
  • Wire Skid Unit to chassis battery

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  • Hannay Painted Electric Hose Reel deck mounted passenger side for rear deployment

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  • One 150’ x 1” Booster Hose
  • One 8’ x 1” Booster Hose for Whip Line
  • Two 1” Twist Shut Off Dual Gallonage Nozzles
  • One Service Manual
  • One Hose Reel Crank
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