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  • 2020 F350 XL, Super Cab, 4×4, 60CA, SRW, 7.3L, 11,000 GVWR Race Red

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  • Crosby Graphics and Striping Customer Supplied installed by WF
  • Rear Prismatic Chevron Striping supplied by Wildfire
  • Tough Country Front End Replacement Bumper with receiver tube
  • AMP Power Steps
  • Five 18 x 9 8-170.00 0 BKMTXX Black Wheels & Five Nitto Grappler 35 x 12.50R18 LT 123Q E-2 BSW Tires
  • BUSHWACKER Fender Flares
  • Super Spring Suspension System
  • Custom Poly Cabinet in rear passenger area
  • Rear Bumper Receiver

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  • Remount Body from 2009 F350

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  • 1-Master Disconnect
  • 1-Plastic Plus Console with Map box, Microphone Clips, & Padded Arm Rest
  • 1-Whelen 295SDA1 Siren Amplifier & Switch Controller
  • 2-Whelen SA315P Siren Speakers with mounts
  • 2-Whelen M6K Series Red / Amber with Clear Lens Rear Outboard LED Warning Lights
  • 2-Whelen M6M Series Blue / Amber with Clear Lens Rear Inboard Lower LED Warning Lights
  • 2-Whelen M4D Series Red / White with Clear Lens, Front Lower LED Warning Lights
  • 1-Whelen M4GC Series Green with Clear Lens, Upper Front
  • 1-Whelen M4RC Series Red with Clear Lens, Upper Front
  • 4-Whelen 500 Series Linear Red 2-Pass & 2-Drivers Side LED Warning Lights
  • 2-Whelen M4DC Series Red/White with Clear Lens Front Intersectors
  • 2-Whelen M6BTT Series Brake / Tail / Turn
  • 2-Whelen M6BUW Series Maximum Populated LED Backup Lights
  • 2-NANO 6 LED Light mounted to Headache Rack replacing the Betts lights
  • 2-NANO 6 LED Lights at the rear of the baskets
  • 1-Blue Sea Battery Charging System with OLED Display and Sure Eject
  • 2-Stream Light VULCAN LED Rechargeable Flash lights
  • 1-Warn 10,000 lb. Multi Mount Electric Winch with Synthetic Rope with Electrical Connections front & rear
  • 2-Whelen Pioneer LED Pole Lights Mounted in walkway at bulkhead
  • 2-Maxima LED lights mounted at headache rack for step lights in walkway
  • Back-Up-Alarm
  • 1-HYPERSIGHT Thermal Imaging Camera and Back Up Camera Kit with 7” monitor
  • 1-RIGID 121613 Lightbar mounted to front bumper

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