Weatherford, Texas

Warning & Electrical:

  • One Kussmaul Auto Charge 1000 with super auto eject driver side in front of wheel with display on left side of console
  • Two Whelen SA315P Speakers with mounts
  • One 54” Legacy DUO red/white/amber
  • One Howler with two speakers
  • One Headlight Flasher
  • One M4 Combination Fog/Warning Red Lights
  • Two WIONR  wide angle red ion
  • Two WIONC wide angle white ion
  • Two Whelen M4 split red/white with black flange
  • Two Whelen Customer Supplied red/white 32” Lightbar
  • One Pair Whelen Red/White Mirror Beam
  • One Whelen ION DUO Red/Amber with swivel in side rear windows
  • Six Whelen ION TRIO Red/Amber/White for running boards
  • One Whelen LED Beacon rear mounted
  • Two Pair Whelen Rear Outer Edge Pillar Mount red/amber
  • Two ION TRIO Red/Amber/White in grommet mount with white override for reverse lights rear scene
  • Two Red Vertex Hide a ways in taillights
  • Two White Vertex Hide a ways in taillights
  • Three Whelen 3” round LED red/white compartment across tailgate with switch on D post left inner
  • One Whelen IONR red with grommet in tailgate bottom
  • One Whelen IONR amber with grommet in tailgate bottom

The following are customer supplied for WF to install:

  • Poly Console
  • Microphone mounts
  • Two dual remote head Motorola APX radios, two heads in the front and two heads in the rear
  • Two speakers in the headliner in the front
  • Two speakers in the rear
  • Two USB outlets in the front
  • Two USB outlets in the rear
  • One 12V plug in the front
  • One 12V plug in the rear
  • Five Coax Radio Cables
  • Four Antennas
  • One GPS
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